Dismal Niche Presents: 'The Columbia Experimental Music Festival'
to Oct 7

Dismal Niche Presents: 'The Columbia Experimental Music Festival'

Dismal Niche Presents: The Columbia Experimental Music Festival 
A 3 day celebration of adventurous art and music.

Initial Artist Lineup (MORE TBA!):
ONO (Chicago) 
HEAR in NOW (Chicago, New York, Italy)
Glenn Jones (Mass)
Benoît Pioulard (Seattle) 
Entrancer (Denver)
Forest Management(Chicago 
Eric Dontè (St. Louis) 
Midwife (Denver) 
AMULETS (Portland, OR) 
Alex Cunningham (St. Louis) 
Oxherding (St. Louis) 
JoAnn McNeil (St. Louis) 
Lake Mary (CoMo)
Tim Pilcher (CoMo)

Visual Installations from:
Sasha Goodnow, Blank Thomas + MORE TBA 

Workshops w/: 
AMULETS - Tape Looping 
Midwife - Telephone Mics 
+ More

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Amazing Spirit Art Reception 2018
12:00 PM12:00

Amazing Spirit Art Reception 2018

  • St. Louis Public Library Schlafly Branch (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Please join us for the 13th Annual Amazing Spirit Art Exhibit & Reception. Local artists and visionaries in a variety of mediums will share their work and their insights about the creative process.

Artist lineup includes:

  • Justin Barr (photography)
  • Rachel Hough (painting)
  • JoAnn McNeil (mixed-media canvas)
  • David Ottinger (painting)
  • Sherelle Speed (painting)
  • Sheila Suderwalla (painting)
  • Solomon Thurman (painting)
  • Doug Weaver (painting)

... and more to be announced!

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Michael Williams, Big-Step, JoAnn McNeil
7:00 PM19:00

Michael Williams, Big-Step, JoAnn McNeil

Michael Williams 

Veteran Sound Artist: (Electronics/Guitar/Toys/Tapes)-Lo-Fi/Free Jazz/Exotica/Space; Close/ Far (Rhizomatic Vol. 2); Sleet Music; New Music Circle!


Is the multimedia music project of Jordan Paine. DJ sets of original music with live visuals. Very percussion heavy and dance-oriented.

JoAnn McNeil
Freeforming electronics

Open donation to benefit Kismet Creative Center 

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Kee Avil (Montreal), JoAnn McNeil, Trull/Cunningham
9:00 PM21:00

Kee Avil (Montreal), JoAnn McNeil, Trull/Cunningham


Kee Avil is a solo song project based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into weird song forms that stagger between structure and improvisation. Kee Avil evolved from playing the guitar with broken cymbals and drumsticks into creating strange beats glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls.



"While the world at large continues its sluggish, incremental awakening to the embodied artistic brilliance of black women, it would be easy to say that JoAnn McNeil has quietly birthed a collection of living sound and sight fully immersed in the lived-in dystopia that many black women experience on this very same world. The noise of it all (and, yes, in fact “noise” as evidenced by pieces like “Invisa Cell” with its Suzanne Cianni-esque dirge or the ambiance of “Blind Eye” and its Top 40 dance hit in a post Weyland-Yutani world) suggests that nothing from this oeuvre could materialize quietly. Yet, here we are, finally witnessing an artist gently exploding (if you will) from the strange environs of her birthplace of St. Louis (as documented in the photography series “Broken Homes”) and onto stages, galleries, and afro-futurist festivals from St. Louis to Philadelphia." - Alex Smith



Free improvised electric guitar and violin duo of Chris Trull (Yowie, Grand Ulena) and Alex Cunningham (Vernacular String Trio, Hardbody).


BRING $5-7 for the touring artist and buy their merch!

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The RED Mango Kickback
to Jul 14

The RED Mango Kickback

Conscious Nirvana X Asahra Presents, "The Red Mango Kickback” on July, 13th at RKDE formally known as Blank Space. 

RKDE has pool tables, classic arcade games, a bar and a basement to catch these vibes. 
Doors open at 9:30pm. 

This is a free event 🔥🔥🔥

Sounds by DJ Siddall the Selecta

Live performances II
Hello Jizoo X Lakes the Voice X Synthetic Sun

5 minute guided meditation led by Conscious ⭕️ 

Come catch these vibes with the tribe ✌🏽✨

Flyer By II @MaryTran (These characters are from our upcoming graphic novel) ❤️

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Solo Percussion/Collab Residency Pt. 2 of 2
3:00 PM15:00

Solo Percussion/Collab Residency Pt. 2 of 2

Local solo percussionist Drew Gowran will be holding a residency at Kismet Creative Center every Sunday from 3-5pm for the month of April. Every Sunday he will open up with a solo performance on drum set or various kitchen items/random objects. The 2nd hour will include a duo/improvised set with a different performer every Sunday. The performances are free to the public but donations will be accepted. Here are the dates being performed in April.

April 1st Solo set/duo with TBA

April 8th Solo set/ duo with Sarah Wahoff

April 15th Solo set/duo with Eric Hall

April 22nd Solo set/duo with JoAnn McNeil

April 29th Solo set/duo with Jacob Jove-Edens

open to public
All ages

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Record Store Day at Kismet!
10:00 AM10:00

Record Store Day at Kismet!

Join us Saturday, April 21st for Record Store Day, Kismet style. We're excited to present a wide vareity or records from the obscure to the well-known. Aside from an interesting selection of limited edition Vinyl, there will be music and discounts on food and drink from Yaquis and B-Side.  

Here's who we have booked:

1 pm--Joann J. Mcneil
2 pm--Jessica Cuddy
3 pm--Beauty Pageant (Tape Release Show)
4--Matthew Decker
6--Aiko Tuschida
7--Alex Long

As well as these acts, beginning at 8 we're having open jam. The drums will be set up and you can bring your ass to contribute.

With a Kismet stamp, Yaquis will be offering 2 dollar Busch Beers and 5 dollar pizza slices. As well, you can get a dollar off anything at B-Side.


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Algiers, ONO, Mourning [A] BLKstar, JoAnn McNeil
8:00 PM20:00

Algiers, ONO, Mourning [A] BLKstar, JoAnn McNeil

Dismal Niche presents:

Algiers (Atlanta, GA)
*Dizzying blend of post-punk, industrial and soul music on Matador Records*

ONO (Chicago, IL)
*Long-running cult band from Chicago creating a singular brew of performance art, gospel music, noise, and poetry*

Mourning A BLKstar (Cleveland, OH)
*Experimental Afrofuturist soul music*

JoAnn McNeil (Saint Louis, MO)
*Glitchy post-ambient soundscapes*



Pulling from a divergent set of musical (and nonmusical) influences including post-punk, gospel music, Southern Gothic literature, and insurrectionary politics, Atlanta's ALGIERS has been described as "dystopian soul". This is the musical response that dark times demand, one that not only shakes its fist but deploys it. Locally-informed global citizens, Algiers refuse to sit idly by while most contemporary artists appear perfectly content to sit out the revolution. Not only do Algiers harbor a purposeful sense of obligation in what they do on their latest resistance record The Underside Of Power, but they recognize the roots and thorns of precedent in said resistance.

Formed in 1980, Chicago's ONO are one of those radical groups who’ve earned legendary status as “one of the most influential bands you’ve never heard of” (Village Voice). Their current record label, Moniker Records, describes their aesthetic as an "unholy bitches' brew of noisy snarl, avant-garde R&B, gospel-heavy blackness, queer sensibility and extravagant, performance-art theatrics."

MOURNING [A] BLKSTAR blends classic soul, experimental hip-hop, and post-punk ambience. Led by producer RA Washington, Mourning [A] BLKstar features a trio of dynamic singers—James Longs, LaToya Kent, and Kyle Kidd—and an indeterminate number of musicians. The ensemble traffics in a gritty strain of DIY Afrofuturist soul music, balancing hip-hop production techniques with lo-fi experimentation that bathes sultry grooves in darkness, either in scratchy samples or washed-out synth tones.

While the world at large continues its sluggish, incremental awakening to the embodied artistic brilliance of black women, it would be easy to say that JOANN MCNEIL has quietly birthed a collection of living sound and sight fully immersed in the lived-in dystopia that many black women experience on this very same world. The noise of it all (and, yes, in fact “noise” as evidenced by pieces like “Invisa Cell” with its Suzanne Cianni-esque dirge or the ambiance of “Blind Eye” and its Top 40 dance hit in a post Weyland-Yutani world) suggests that nothing from this oeuvre could materialize quietly. Yet, here we are, finally witnessing an artist gently exploding (if you will) from the strange environs of her birthplace of St. Louis.

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April Fools w/ Frank Hurricane JoAnn McNeil Mother Meat & more
to Apr 2
Grownup Music presents: NNN Cook's "Crease or Abyss" (GUM008)
to Apr 1

Grownup Music presents: NNN Cook's "Crease or Abyss" (GUM008)

  • William A Kerr Foundation LLC (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

NNN Cook (GUM tape release)
JoAnn McNeil
Astro Blackus

This is a safe event:
No sexism, no racism, no ableism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no queerphobia, no fatphobia, no hatefulness allowed. Abusers/assaulters and/or people accused of abuse/assault are not welcome.

It is an honor for Grownup Music to have the opportunity to collaborate with NNN Cook's implacable experimental label Close/Far Recordings. To effectuate this collaboration, nebulosa and Popular Housing will be putting out a split tape on C/F on the next Bruxism (April 26th at the Schlafly Tap Room), but first NNN Cook will be releasing a new album on Grownup Music at the end of this month. Its name is "Crease and Abyss" (GUM008), and it will be available on cassette tape Saturday, March 31st.

To celebrate this release we will be hosting a meditative and contemplative experience at the William A Kerr foundation. Our featured supporting artists are sure to tap into your subconscious while you peacefully delve into some of St Louis' finest soundscapes. As a grounding into the natural world, featured readers will complement our musical selection, thus stimulating both mind and soul in what will surely be a one of a kind reflective experience.

--NNN Cook--
Founder of Close/Far Recordings and paladin of the experimental sound of St Louis, NNN Cook has been on the vanguard for a while. Each of his musical experiments stands alone as a glowing test tube of curious genius and forward thinking adventure. His musical experience transcends the speakers; it moves and sways through the room and its physicality often ensues metamorphosis. He will be releasing his new album "Crease or Abyss" (GUM008) on cassette tape this evening.
Listen: http://www.close-far.com

--JoAnn McNeil--
Worlds expand as soon as JoAnn sits down at the table. Sound evolves slowly but uncontrollably, and when you thought you were there a new landscape breach in front of you. Otherworldly monologue colors the land and brings it flowers or weeds. When the clapping starts, you come to after vanishing into seventeen dimensions, and in deep confusion, you smile.
Listen: https://www.joannmcneil.com

--Astro Blackus--
Armed with a sampler and gazing from behind his mask, Astro Blackus feels a bump on a seemingly flat surface. His compositions are as contemplative as they are stimulatingly dynamic. The sound is manipulated, looped and regurgitated into chimeras of self-reflection and outwards expression. In his mask, we hide, and when the light bounces off we see our own soul trapped by reason.
Listen: https://soundcloud.com/astro-blackus


William A Kerr Foundation
$7-$10 at the door // Bring cash to purchase "Crease or Abyss" on tape
GUM merchandise will be available for sale
LISTEN: grownupmusic.bandcamp.com

Grownup Music is an entity meant to pave the way for adult contemporary tendencies in St Louis.

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Kyle Landstra // Oxherding // JoAnn McNeil // Vernacular String Trio
8:00 PM20:00

Kyle Landstra // Oxherding // JoAnn McNeil // Vernacular String Trio

A relaxed evening of deep listening and visuals in the warm surroundings of Cherokee Street's best art gallery, Flood Plain.

In celebration of the new Oxherding tape on Dismal Niche!

Kyle Landstra
*Transcendent analog synthesizer dreams from Chicago*

*Meditative electronics from Fitz Hartwig*

JoAnn McNeil & Itshanapa
*Expansive post-genre soundscapes*

*Experimental electro from Julio Prato*

$5/$7 with tape
8 PM Sharp!

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Invisible No More Opening Reception
7:00 PM19:00

Invisible No More Opening Reception

Peace Family,

I am pleased to announce and invite you to this year’s Invisible No More Art Exhibition!
This is the 6th installment and I am so excited to share with you another year of giving voice to and celebrating Black Women.

This year I want to be as intentional as possible with bringing the mission, purpose, and narrative on what INM is and why INM came to be.

Please join me for the opening reception on 3.2.18 starting at 7 pm.
As always, there will be some amazing artists on display for your viewing pleasure.
So save the date and see you on the First Friday in March!!!
✌🏽❤️. -  Kristian Blackmon

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 Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)
11:00 AM11:00

 Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM)

BSAM STL 2018 #BSAMstl2018
Thursday, February 1, 2018, 11am - 6pm
Missouri History Museum
Lindell and DeBaliviere in Forest Park, St. Louis, Missouri

Saint Louis, MO - Black Speculative Arts Movement, aka BSAM, is an annual Afrofuturism, black comics, independent film, and arts convention held at multiple colleges and universities throughout the United States and abroad.

Our annual conventions, co-founded in 2016 by associate professor and chair of the Humanities department at Harris-Stowe State University, Dr. Reynaldo Anderson, and founder of Midwest Ethnic Convention for Comics and Arts - MECCAMaia Crown Williams. They include vending from a vast amount of comics, art, science fiction, and artisan creators and vendors, as well as live performances, MECCAcon International Film Festival aka MECCAconIFF, Afrofuturism, social activism, and comic centered seminars, classes, hand on workshops, plays, and much more. Students are also welcome to submit proposals to participate as well. We also heavily encourage schools to attend in groups. Locations for BSAM and MECCAcon include St Louis, Detroit, Houston, Toronto, Montreal, Greece, Philadelphia, the Bronx, NYC, Los Angeles, Ghana, Berlin, Ottawa, Nova Scotia, and more.

BSAM STL is honored to be hosting our event this year at the Missouri History Museum. The Missouri Historical Society serves as the confluence of historical perspectives and contemporary issues to inspire and engage our audiences. 2018's convention in St Louis, our 3rd year, will this time center on black masculinity and the re-imagining thru the BSAM eye. Keynote speakers and guests include Tommy J CurryStacey RobinsonJohn JenningsSheree Renée Thomas, and many more. Along with multiple panels and other activities throughout the day, MECCAcon International Film Festival will also include films based on the black male image, created by them as well.

Our guests this year include John JenningsTiffany BarberStacey Robinson, and Tommy J Curry.

Our official program for #BSAMstl2018 is now being lined up. The purpose of our events mainly centers on the Afrofuturism, black comics, independent film, speculative fiction, science fiction, and more.

If you are interested in moderating a panel, workshop, and/or lecture, or interested in your film being submitted to MECCAcon International Film Festival (films travel to multiple locations thru the year, as well as a consideration in our subscription box), please contact us today. Film submissions must be in by December 15, 2017. Vending (limited) is also available, starting at only $75/table. Split tables start at only $100.


For more information, please contact BSAM co-founder, Maia Crown Williams, BSAMstaff@gmail.com, 3134510297.


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Uniquely Percussive Hosted by Drew Gowran and Cameron Rogers
to Dec 17

Uniquely Percussive Hosted by Drew Gowran and Cameron Rogers

Details coming soon...


Alberto Patino
Dee Ball
JoAnn McNeil
Eric Hall
Cameron Rodgers
Max Berglin
Chan Evans/ Phillip Zahnd
Mary Williams
Kevin Cheli
Nick Savage
Cody Perkins
Brian Sullivan
Suzie Gilb
Gant Burlingame
Jeremy Brantlinger
Kaleb Kirby
Drew Gowran
+ more!

4 hours back to back (with a brief intermission) with "Uniquely Percussive" approaches to the language of the drum set and percussion and it's future development in electronics as well. Each performer will get a full 12 minutes to show case their creative energy and pulse!!! 

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Nakatani Gong Orchestra
8:00 PM20:00

Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani will conduct this performance of the Nakatani Gong Orchestra. Fourteen local artists and musicians will present an improvised composition using bowed gongs after an intensive workshop with Nakatani, creating a sound that he describes as "a metallic temple of deep harmonies."

For this performance, the Orchestra will be:

Ada After Thorne
Amelia Jones
Darian Wigfall
Drew Gowran
JoAnn McNeil
José Garza
Mady Patty
Mario Martinez
Mel Mills
Michael Williams
Nadir Smith
Nika Marble
Seth P. Orear

Doors open at 7 PM, with a solo performance by Tatsuya Nakatani at 8, followed by the Nakatani Gong Orchestra at 9 sharp!

Suggested donation of $10, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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Verbzzz After Work | Open Mic 
7:00 PM19:00

Verbzzz After Work | Open Mic 

  • Northwest Coffee Roasting Company (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Verbzzz After Work | Open Mic

Join Verbzzz After Work | Open Mic as we welcome April J. to our first "Author's Corner" as she reads an excerpt from her newly released book titled "Allowed To Be Me".

DJ Albizness Jacobs on the 1's & 2's
Daniella Monae is the Host, your prescribed dose
Music Producer: "B. Smooth (Brian Jiles) on the Drums
Photographer (Creando Momento)
The show starts @8PM.
Poetry. Music. Dance. Artwork and Photographer, etc.

Doors Open @7PM. $5 Before 8PM. $8 After 8PM.

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7:00 PM19:00


This March NDIGO TRIBE Presents Expressions. St .Louis is invited to be apart of a very intimate and expressive event. An artistic event that welcomes local creators to create, expand, and explore in a collective environment. Our purpose is to rehabilitate our community to the point of a higher vibration.

Our world is currently going through major energetic shifts. It is time that we all go within, to discover our truths on an inner level, and then unveil it with intentions to heal with like minded souls.

During this event we will align our energies towards the Throat Chakra which is the expression of your inner truth in accordance with your higher self. 

We are asking for $5 Coverage with includes normal entry or it will be $7 at the door which provides you a canvas, and the opportunity to participate in our artistic expression. 

We encourage the community to come out, support and enjoy our local talented St. Louis Artist. 

Please feel free to FB message or email us at: Ndigotribe@gmail.com

Expressions II Where local creators expand, inspire, and uplift the artistic community.

Come join Your Tribe, #NDIGOTIBE ॐ

Be sure to follow us on Instagram: @NDIGOTRIBE

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to Nov 12


Ndigo Tribe presents "Expressions" a platform designed to allow artist from different facets to come and simply "CREATE". This is the ultimate JAM session, for any and everyone to come and express their talent. 

We encourage all artist from different mediums to bring; instruments, canvases, sketch books, poetry books, magazines and posters for the dream board experience, or just come as you are and create with the resources provided at the event. 

We will have an open floor where people can travel around the space to seek what their heart wishes to create.Dive deep into your imagination at Expressions where creativity becomes a lifestyle. 

We are asking for a $5 contribution for admission. What ever you can give towards the community will be greatly received. 

Expressions II Where local creators expand, inspire, and uplift the artistic community. 

"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not." -Picasso ॐ


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Night of Trios by Random Acts of Silence at The Stage at KDHX
8:00 PM20:00

Night of Trios by Random Acts of Silence at The Stage at KDHX

“Night of Trios” is a night of improvised performances. 3 local musicians will work together, strictly verbally, to create a performance that the artists and the audience alike will both be hearing for the first time.

Trios include:

Zak Marmalefsky (Zak M, Skarekrauradio, Milk Vetch)
Louis Wall (Marble// Wall Duo)
JoAnn J. McNeil (Nyfolt)

Nika Marble (Marble//Wall Duo)
JJ Hamon (Demonlover, Sun Bros, Okendo)
Tracy Andreotti (Vernacular String Trio)

Nathan Cook (NNN Cook, Close/Far Recordings, Bruxism)
Steph Foley (Nevada Greene, Vulvette)
Emily Downing (Nevada Greene)

Random Acts of Silence (R*A*O*S) is a St. Louis, MO based experimental, electronic and DJ concert series and radio show.

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